About Us

It's really quite simple to explain how the Chiquita Crew came about - a passion, interest, love for the water and boating!

Chiquita owner Peter is a qualified mechanic and an ex professional fisherman. When the opportunity to acquire Chiquita an ex crayboat that simply needed some TLC, the fit couldn't have been more perfect. Peter was also working in the mining game and looking for a exit strategy that aligned with his passion and values.  

Kathy brings the feminine touch to Chiquita, organisation, hospitality and service with a smile. Kath's past experience as a tour operator and holds a certified coxswain ticket brings experience and expertise to Chiquita. Kathy ensures safety and most importantly that all guests leave Chiquita with great memories!

At Chiquita we are all about having fun, whilst providing a professional and safe charter. It's about you, we work with you to ensure the charter helps you celebrate your special occasion as desired.

Whether your looking to enjoy a wine or a ice cold bevy at sunset whilst taking in the scenic sites Perth has to offer. Or whether you want to cool off & jump in at Rocky bay with some inflatable fun. Or even groove your way into the night with the city lights and your favourite tunes - no matter your style or option we are ready to make your charter the perfect one!

Sit back enjoy, socialise and relax, we take care of the rest.

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